Introducing the ART & FASHION Limited Collection. Where unsurpassed craftsmanship is transferred to the context of pop culture and street style without disturbing the balance of aesthetics.

The collection includes bags decorated with handmade embroidery from materials of European quality.

One such embroidery involves more than 250 Italian sequins of 10 different textures from solid colored plastic in sizes from 1 to 10 mm, note 1 mm is the smallest in the world! Czech beads handmade. Multi-faceted stones with metal spraying to give the effect of radiance and versatility.

Each bag takes 12 hours of painstaking handmade work of the master.
The versatile and stylish Diana bag is made of exquisite fine-grained calfskin in caramel color. The wireframe model is medium size. Inside there are two main compartments and one zipped pocket. The bag can be carried in the hand, at the bend of the arm or on the shoulder due to the presence of a convenient handle and a removable belt.


RUB 17,500.00Price
color: рыжий
    • height - 19.5 cm
    • depth - 12 cm
    • width - 25 cm
    • shoulder strap - 85-110 cm